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Fire Damage Restoration

There is no competing with Dana Point Water Damage because of our top of the line service quality and rich customer feedback. Damage restoration poses a lot of challenges and while other companies might shy away from a damaged site, we never walk away from a challenge. It is because of our sheer determination and energetic team work that we’ve become a leading contractor in the damage restoration industry and that is why we have decided to add fire damage and smoke odor removal services to our company’s restoration service catalogue.

If you think your home or commercial property is in a bad condition and you’ll have to move, then you need to relax because Dana Point Water Damage is here for the rescue. In our years of service, we’ve witnessed several hopeless cases, and we’ve made sure that all of those sites were returned back to their original condition in very little time. Your trust is our biggest concern and we’ll never break it. We not only deliver, we exceed expectations.

Understanding The Severity of Fire Damage
First of all, if you think that you can go in and take out a few important things because you think it’s safe because the fire has been extinguished, you are wrong. Even after being extinguished, your apartment will be a health hazard, and the air inside will become unbreathable.

The fire damage entails severe damage to the walls and the ceilings, as they appear to be totally blackened and the soot has to be scrapped off of them. The furniture and electrical appliances are a whole different story, the furniture will have completely lost its color and the electrical appliances should not be turned on if you want to avoid a total burnout of internal circuitry. Smoke residue and acidic chemicals will be scattered throughout and unless a cleanup company is called quickly, the damage will get out of hand. Ultimately, ignoring the problem will lead to the replacement of everything fire has touched.

Different forms of liquid are used to extinguish fire damage and once the water vapors react with the chemicals inside smoke residue, there will be rapid corrosion in metal objects. This and the fire itself will cause a devastating impact on the building’s foundation and structure. Until and unless a professional expert examines the structure and gives you the verdict, you shouldn’t step inside the building.

Why Choose Us?
Apart from our years of experience and one of the best professional cleanup crew in the state of California, we believe that the reason you should choose us is because we know how serious and unpredictable fire is. That’s why we offer an impressive response time of 30 minutes, you can call us anytime and any day, and our representative will take your address and send a team asap. And until and unless you are satisfied with the quote, which we think you will be, we won’t charge you for anything.

IICRC certification of our technicians covers the following services:
★ Immediate Pre Cleaning
★ Carpet Cleaning
★ Applied Microbial Remediation
★ Smoke Odor Removal
★ Corrosive Gases Removal
★ Content Pack-out, Cleaning and Unpacking
★ Cleaning Walls and Ceilings
★ Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning.
★ Mold Remediation
★ Maintenance of State Approved Health & Safety Standard

Pick up the phone right now and give us a call at (949) 204-4525. Dana Point Water Damage is a bonded and insured company and we aim to bring your home to its pre-fire condition!

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