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Sewage Damage Cleanup

Never let your home or business suffer from sewage damage! Call the professionals at Dana Point Water Damage today for a completely free estimate and custom restoration plan guaranteed to restore sewage damage disasters.

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Sewage damage is dangerous to your health and to the well-being of those around if left without repair. There are multiple reasons sewage damage occurs, but the most common problems occur due to sump pump explosions, overflowing toilets or a break in the water supply line that causes excess sewer water to invade your home. It’s very likely your basement or lower floor of your home has been affected. We suggest moving all personal items from the affected area if possible. If not, we provide off-site storage for our customers.

When we arrive on site, we protect ourselves from harmful pathogens within sewer back up, to make sure we are not entering a potentially dangerous situation. We will perform cold water extraction to remove the standing water and cleanup the mess immediately. Our team is certified to handle situations like these, as we understand how urgent this can be. We guarantee a job well done to rid your home or business of sewer water.

We do a post evaluation after we’ve removed standing water to ensure no hidden water pockets are left behind. This procedure is vital to making sure we’ve located all the water within your home to ensure no future damage will occur. This is very important as your home or business may suffer from mold growth, harmful to your health, if we do not locate all the water within the property. This is also very important to the health of your property so you do not have structural damage in the future.

Contact Dana Point Water Damage today for more information and a free estimate. We arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call to properly assess the damage and better understand the issue. We identify the source of the problem and fix it! Contact us immediately if you spot sewage damage and we’ll arrive on site to remedy the issue within 30 minutes!

Call Dana Point Water Damage today for a free estimate. Call now! 949-204-4525

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