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Water Damage Cleanup

If you find yourself and all your possessions underwater don’t waste anymore time! Instead, turning to an experienced team of technicians can help you reduce the existing damage, minimize the further one and reverse the harm cause to your home and belongings.

Dana Point Water Damage is exactly the partner you are looking for! We are the most recommended water damage restoration company in the area, with hundreds of satisfied customers and highly-reliable services. With just one simple call at 949-204-4525 you can get professional help for whatever water damage issue you are facing, including:

• Sewage Backup
• Pipe Leaks
• Basement Floods
• Roof Leaks
• Water Supply Line Break
• Crawlspace Moisture
• Leaking Toilet
• Leaking Washer & Heater
• Water Abatement
• Fire Sprinkler Damage
• And many more!

During our years in business we have learned that disasters strike when least expecting. Therefore, we are on duty 24/7, 7 days a week, day and night, ready to step in and take care of your flooded home.

Often, when water damage strikes, people just want to get the water of their homes and neglect its provenance. But if the water affecting your house is “black water”, it can cause real health hazards to your family. An expert will know how to treat this kind of situations and also make sure that mold or bacteria don’t get formed after such an event. We will not leave the site and allow you to move back in until all the safety measures are taken and all the health standards are complied.

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